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Our commitment to the environment

Robert Walters is committed to positively managing its impact on the environment.

Whilst it is recognised that the Group does not operate in a business sector that can cause significant pollution, the Board ensures that all the environmental aspects of the Group's activities are evaluated. As a result, the Group's environmental policy seeks to reduce the significant impacts by encouraging waste segregation and the reduction of energy consumption. The Group is active in working towards the achievement of local Environmental Management Standards and in 2009 the Group's London and Amsterdam business' successfully achieved certification to ISO14001, the International Standard for Environmental Management.

The standard allows for the critical balance between maintaining profitability while setting targets for improving the organisation's environmental performance. The Group's compliance with ISO14001 and its drive for continuous environmental performance improvement is independently assessed by the British Standard Institute (BSI) bi-annually. It is the Group's intention that best practice from our accredited environmental management system in London be deployed across the Group worldwide.

Other environmental management initiatives that have been in place across the Group during the year include:

Carbon emissions

The Group continues to actively reduce the carbon footprint of the business through:

  • Consulting closely with the Carbon Trust and considering its recommendations as environmental objectives
  • Establishing objectives for minimising travel to that which is totally necessary (including the reviewing of home working where appropriate)
  • Offsetting travel-related carbon emissions through an accredited reforestation scheme in the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific

Energy conservation

  • The Group has continued to install low-energy lighting systems and office equipment across the office network
  • The automatic shutdown of all PCs at 11pm every night


Policies and procedures for the shredding and recycling of waste are in place across the majority of our offices globally; and the majority of core consumable resources in use across the Group are now sourced from recyclable or sustainably managed sources.


The Group continues to evaluate the environmental credentials of critical suppliers, including those that dispose of waste, and ensures that they are aware of the Group's Environmental Code of Practice.


Where possible, the Group's offices have adopted a policy of obtaining electricity from renewable sources or from suppliers that have adopted green energy purchase procedures.