2023 Hiring trends in information technology


Digital transformation and process automation will remain a key focus for organizations in 2023, and IT professionals will play an important role in this across the entire business. A technical background remains a must, but employers will also increasingly focus on essential interpersonal skills such as leadership qualities and the ability to implement change within the organization. 


Top 3 most in-demand IT professionals in 2023:

  1. DevOps Engineer
  2. Data Analyst
  3. IT Project Manager

What do IT professionals value most in their employer in 2023?

  • Inspiring colleagues and culture
  • Excellent comp&ben
  • Autonomy

Melina Kayila, managing consultant at Robert Walters, comments: "Since the corona pandemic, we have noticed that IT professionals increasingly look beyond the job content when seeking a new job. Salary expectations are high, but flexibility and autonomy are also on top of IT professionals’ wish list. Today, we see the need for IT talent in all layers of the organization.

A good fit with colleagues and a pleasant company culture are often decisive in IT professionals' decision whether to choose a particular organization to work for. Employers therefore have every interest in communicating clearly during the recruitment process about the role and the challenges that the position has to offer, but also paying extra attention to the personality of potential employees they meet, so that they can be sure they’ll integrate perfectly within the team." 

2023 salary trends within IT 

The expected salary indexation will undoubtedly have an impact on organizations. IT professionals are all too aware that they are indispensable in the functioning of the business, and this is reflected in their salary expectations. 39% of IT professionals surveyed by Robert Walters say they expect a pay rise in 2023, on top of the upcoming salary indexation. Employers realize that they will have to make an extra effort if they want to attract and retain new talent. Consequently, one in two employers plan to grant a pay rise to IT staff, and 69% of surveyed employers said they would pay a bonus as a token of appreciation, according to the same Robert Walters survey.

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