2023 Hiring trends in engineering & supply chain


We expect the engineering & supply chain labour market in 2023 to move towards ‘do more with less.’

Engineering professionals will be expected to be flexible but will also need to possess the required soft skills to take on a leadership role.



Being able to think outside the box and having a commercial attitude will be among the most sought-after skills hiring managers will be looking for when bringing change to the organization. Employers looking to hire talent should look beyond technical skills and pay attention to the personality of new employees. Opening the door to international talent can play a crucial role when dealing with talent shortages. 

Top 3 of most sought-after engineering & supply chain professionals in 2023:

  1. Project Engineer
  2. Maintenance Engineer
  3. Engineering Manager

What do engineering & supply chain professionals value the most in their employer in 2023?

  • Challenging and interesting work
  • Inspiring culture and colleagues
  • Excellent comp & ben

Jülide Tunali, senior manager at Robert Walters: "The situation in Ukraine and the energy crisis have not missed their effect on the production process in a lot of organizations. Production costs are increasing, and budgets are being revised, resulting in engineering & supply chain professionals being more skeptical about taking on a new professional challenge. To convince new employees to choose their organization, we recommend that employers keep their recruitment process not only short, but above all very efficient. Outlining a clear picture of the challenges and tasks the position has to offer are essential here, but particular attention should be paid to the personality of potential employees. Engineering and supply chain professionals are interwoven in all layers within the organization, so it is important to ensure a good fit with both colleagues and company culture.

2023 salary trends in engineering & supply chain

The energy crisis and the upcoming salary indexation will have an impact on a lot of organizations. Precisely because their role is so essential within the organization, the salary expectations of engineering & supply chain professionals are therefore relatively high: nearly half (47%) of professionals surveyed by Robert Walters hope to receive a pay rise in 2023. Fortunately, employers realize that remuneration plays an important role in attracting and retaining staff. 69% therefore plan to award a bonus and half (49%) plan to give their staff a pay rise in 2023, according to the Robert Walters salary survey.

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