2023 Hiring trends in Belgium


24 November 2022

One in three Belgian employers are seriously concerned about the shortage of certain skills and talent, mainly for senior/team leader level positions. The competition for talent is fierce, which does not make the search for the right candidate any easier.   


Professionals, on the other hand, are confident about job opportunities in their field of expertise. An impending recession and the rising cost of living are no obstacle for 73% to changing jobs: more than one in three even plan to do so in the next three months. Job security is no longer a priority today, maximising their salary potential even more so. 

Despite inflation and rising salary costs, the majority of Belgian employers do plan to hire new employees and grant salary increases in 2023. However, focusing on salary alone is not enough. To partly make up for the talent shortage, it is important to give employees the chance to reorient themselves within the organisation, by providing internal training or by giving them the freedom to develop further through external parties.  

To retain talent, but also to attract new team members, it is very important as an organisation to offer flexibility and autonomy to employees. Such flexibility is also essential in the recruitment process. Therefore, focus on potential, cultural fit and up- and re-skilling opportunities when attracting new employees.

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