8 out of 10 Belgian professionals would consider working abroad


According to a Robert Walters survey among European professionals, 80% of Belgian employees are open to the possibility of moving abroad for a new job or position. The top reason for making a move outside Belgium would be to speed up their career progression.


33% of Belgian professionals mention career progression as the main reason for considering a job abroad, followed by gaining international exposure (21%) and a higher salary (13%). 10 per cent expect an improved work/life balance outside Belgium. Only 3% would move abroad to benefit from a lower tax regime.

These sentiments are reflected by findings around mobility and remuneration: A lack of career progression is the main cause for 37% of professionals to leave a role. The same percentage would also consider a lower salary for a better work/life balance.

Antoine Biot, Director of Robert Walters Belgium comments: “These findings confirm the increased confidence and optimism on the job market in Belgium. Professionals are less risk-averse and are looking to progress  in their career rather than focusing on security in their job and financial situation. As a result, we have seen a sharp increase in mobility over the course of this year which  we expect to continue in 2016.”

About the survey

Almost 6,700 professionals across Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Spain and The Netherlands participated in this Robert Walters survey. The results offer insight into how professionals work, their opinions on the current developments in the job market and how these developments influence their professional decisions.

For more information about the survey, please visit: www.robertwalters.be/eis.

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