HR as a true business partner for organisations going through change


HR market update

As we’ve reached the end of the first semester, it's the ideal time to share our insights on the HR job market so far in 2015. What were the most popular roles in demand, what are candidates' expectations and what are the most recent trends in salary levels?

Key insights

  • Strong mobility: many passive candidates were open for new challenges
  • There was a focus on performance management
  • Companies recognised the need to invest in career development programmes

Key developments

Companies placed greater emphasis on business planning and strategy in the first half of 2015. HR was required to position itself as a true partner to the board, especially in organisations going through change. As candidate confidence also continued to grow, retention remained a key priority for employers. HR departments were asked to implement effective retention strategies to support the business.

Most popular roles in demand

Trilingual HR generalists/business partners with a strong track record of implementing performance management programmes? remained highly sought-after. 

Candidates’ expectations

As experts in their domain, HR professionals were keen to bring added value. They had a clear vision of their desired role and paid great attention to the company values, strategy and their own career development opportunities when changing jobs. Many employers recognised the need to invest in career development planning as a key attraction tool to appeal to HR professionals.

Companies’ expectations

Business partnering and flexibility were the key skills companies required when hiring HR professionals. Out-of-the-box creative thinking was considered a strong benefit for companies undergoing changes.

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