Confidence is high among Belgian professionals


According to our recent European survey, a large majority of Belgian professionals have confidence in their sector, company and career and feel free to make career decisions.

Despite Europe’s slow economic recovery, a majority (89%) feel relatively to very free to make career decisions. The only two major factors holding them back are uncertainty of the job market  and a lack of choice . A lack of knowledge of the job market is the third most mentioned factor.

Employee confidence

Belgian professionals are optimistic about the future of their sector and company. Among those surveyed, confidence in their sector (81%) and company (67%) run high. Moreover, 79% of respondents say they have confidence in their career. Professionals are most optimistic about the health sector , IT/telecom/media  and consumer goods/services. Property & construction was the least mentioned sector.

When and where to jump ship

Although the increased confidence is reflected in a higher mobility on the Belgian labour market, this does not mean that employees will launch their search for a new job right away. The majority of respondents (63%) think that the ideal length of time to stay in a role is 3-5 years.

Today’s professionals are internationally minded: 80% of Belgian respondents would consider moving abroad in search of better career opportunities  or to gain international exposure .

About the survey

Robert Walters surveyed nearly 6,700 professionals across seven European countries about their opinion on current labour market trends and how they affect the professional decisions they make. 753 Belgian professionals participated in this survey. 


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