European Employee Insights Survey 2015


We recently surveyed nearly 6,700 professionals across Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. The results provide a snapshot of how people work and their thoughts on current issues affecting their job and the professional decisions they make.

This page provides an overview of the key findings for Belgium and you can download the full results in PDF.

Employee confidence grows

Belgian professionals  have confidence in their own sector (81%), company (67%) and career (79%). The sector with the highest level of confidence is Health. Although uncertainty of the job market influences career decisions for almost half of the professionals, 89% of them feels free in making career choices.

Salary satisfaction

Belgian professionals are not very satisfied with their current salary. 33% of them believe they are paid less than their market value. However, a majority indicates they would be willing to accept a lower fixed salary and they have different reasons to do so.

Work environment and social media

Belgian professionals value a good relationship with their colleagues. In order to build this relationship, they participate in team lunches, company sports and cultural activities. 81% of professionals is connected with colleagues on business social networks such as LinkedIn. Only 6% connects with colleagues on personal social networks, such as Facebook.

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Download the full results for Belgium.

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