Increased recruitment activity with focus on continuous process improvement


Finance job market update

As we’ve reached the end of the first semester, it's the ideal time to share our insights on the finance job market so far in 2015. What were the most popular roles in demand, what are candidates' expectations and what are the most recent trends in salary levels?

Key insights

  • Increased monitoring of business processes drove recruitment for financial and business controllers
  • Finance professionals were confident again to move into new jobs offering more long term career development
  • Employers had an extensive ‘wish list’ for their ideal candidate

Key developments

Economical growth led to an increase in recruitment activity and encouraged professionals to seek a new role. Businesses hired for new positions, with a strong focus on continuous process improvement.

Professionals who considered a career change had confidence in their key competencies. After investigating possible internal growth opportunities, they were open to external positions offering greater long term progression. Those at the mid-career stage (with five to twelve years’ experience) were most likely to make a move.

Most popular roles in demand

Businesses were particularly keen to hire controllers, treasurers, and finance and administration managers. A number of companies continued to focus on monitoring their business processes, which meant that business and financial controllers were most  in demand. Results-oriented professionals with strong business acumen and flexibility in terms of change and mobility were in high demand.

Career development more important than salary

As salary levels remained relatively stable over the past six months, candidates were motivated to change roles for non-financial reasons. The main priorities were to develop careers and access greater learning potential. The ability to work from home and/or being able to work flexible hours was a popular benefit candidates asked for when changing jobs.

Lengthy recruitment processes

Although professionals were willing to move jobs, hiring managers remained cautious in their recruitment approach, keen to secure the best technical and cultural fit for their business. Multiple decision makers were involved in hiring decisions which resulted in lengthy recruitment processes.

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