Project managers remain in high demand

Interim Management Market Update

As we’ve reached the end of the first semester, it's the ideal time to share our insights on the interim management job market so far in 2015. What were the most popular roles in demand, what are candidates' expectations and what are the most recent trends in salary levels?

Key findings

  • Increase in projects launched to improve business efficiency
  • Continued high demand for HR managers and project managers
  • Higher fees for highly-skilled interim managers

Key developments

Compared to last year, we have seen a high but stable demand for interim managers, with a main focus on managing business efficiency projects in different fields (finance, HR, supply chain and production). This demand was highest from companies active in the industrial and FMCG sector.

Most popular roles in demand

HR managers with restructuring experience were recruited in significant numbers, as were project managers with experience in improving efficiency. Controlling professionals also remained in demand.

Interim management fees

Fee rates were steady although we noticed a slight increase for those interim managers who were highly skilled and thus in high demand.

Assignments tended to last between six and nine months, with project-based interim management roles typically for a period of nine months or longer.

Companies’ expectations

Besides the necessary technical skills, companies paid great attention to the soft skills of interim managers. People management and change management skills were considered as required skills to ensure projects were managed and delivered in the most optimal way.

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