War for talent will intensify in 2016


Competition amongst hiring managers will be high in 2016. Hiring levels in Belgium increased rapidly as last year progressed and this trend is expected to continue throughout the new year. People will increasingly begin to move roles, attracted by a higher salary or better career perspectives. The war for talent will intensify and top professionals will have multiple offers to choose from, particularly in finance and accounting. Employers will need to be appealing and reactive in the overall composition of their compensation packages (bonuses, company cars, lunch vouchers, health insurances, etc.).

These are the main findings of Robert Walters’ Global Salary Survey that gives an overview of market and salary developments worldwide.

Antoine Biot, Director of Robert Walters Belgium, comments: “Professionals looking for a new role are expecting real opportunities to further their careers. The competition for talent increases and employers must think hard about offering pay raises in 2016, but salaries are only part of the picture. Hiring managers able to shape their prevailing culture to jobseekers’ request for non-financial incentives like training or flexibility for example, will attract the best talents”.

Salary trends

There will be a greater emphasis on bonuses and long-term incentive plans within the commerce & industry sector. 2016 is also likely to see a rise in salaries for key professionals within banking and financial services. Mid-level engineering professionals will particularly benefit from salary uplifts due to the relative shortage on the market. We expect interim management fees to remain stable in 2016.

More information

Now in its 17th year, the Robert Walters Global Salary Survey provides an in-depth analysis of salaries earned around the world by both permanent and contract workers across a wide range of sectors: banking & insurance, commerce & industry, engineering & supply chain and interim management. It also provides an insight into recruitment trends in these areas.

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