5 LinkedIn profile updates to make today

Woman looking at her LinkedIn profile on her tablet

With more than 675 million existing profiles spanning a geographical reach of 200 countries and two new members joining every second, LinkedIn is a great way for  recruiters to interact with you.

An effective online professional profile has therefore become crucial to get noticed by recruiters and employers. Here are 5 quick ways to pimp your LinkedIn profile today to get the most out of your experience.

1. Refresh your profile photo

Adding a photo to your profile makes you 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn and profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views. Ensure your photo is taken facing forward with a professional backdrop and a smile. When uploading the file ensure you name it yourname.jpg this will ensure it returns on the first page of Google and also in Google image searches when your name is entered.

2. Revise your summary 

Your summary is your very own personal brand statement. It is your opportunity to tell your story and introduce yourself to prospective profile viewers. Ensure you include any new achievements and career aspirations as to what types of roles you may be seeking to move into. Conclude your summary with a call to action as to what next steps you want the reader to take.

3. Add supporting media and documents

Review any documents such as presentations, whitepapers and images of your work that can support your profile. This will boost your visual portfolio and support your written profile. Always ensure you have permission to share your work publicly, especially if there is commercially sensitive information included within it. 

Profiles with work experience receive 14 times more profile views.

4. Update your current experience & record achievements

Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume, so even if you are not looking to change roles it is important to update your current experience with any new achievements. Things to include are certifications, courses, awards, languages, projects and publications. Also reflect on any charity or volunteering work you may have done which can be added to your profile. Make sure you have included your education history and have added your school, college or university from the LinkedIn list as this will also open up opportunities for alumni networking.

5. Review your contacts and groups

Effective networking with your peers can be the key to achieving your career goals by finding contacts who can introduce you to new opportunities. Go through your connections list and review who is in your network – are there people you have met with recently that you may not have added? If so, reach out with a follow up message. Also look to colleagues you work with or new clients that you are not connected with and add them to your network.

Take the time to review which groups you are a member of and whether you are engaging to get the most value professionally. Perhaps there are new groups you can join to broaden your network or leave others that are no longer relevant. A quick review of your group memberships will ensure you get the most value professionally and open up new opportunities.


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