6 interview questions you should never ask

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During a job interview, although the company is assessing whether you will be a good fit for the team, you are also making sure the company and role will suit you and your lifestyle.

To gain as much as you need to during your interview, it’s important to have a back pocket of interview questions for your future employer. While most of your questions may be smart and well-considered, there are some questions that are red flags for interviewers. 


To make sure your winning interview doesn’t go south, here is an overview of questions you should avoid asking at all costs.

1. What does the person do in this role?

A detailed job description is usually provided with any job application and should outline the key responsibilities required of the successful candidate. Asking this question suggests a lack of enthusiasm and interest in the role from not having read the job description properly.

2. What does the company do?

Rule number one of entering any job interview is having a good background knowledge of the company you are applying with. Not only will asking this question show that you haven’t spent the time to do any research, it could also make the interviewer question your capability to do the job.

3. Do you have any other positions apart from this one?

This question displays arrogance in your abilities to do any job. It also shows a lack of interest in the role at hand.

4. Will I have long hours?

Although it is important to find out what your working hours will be, this question could make you come off as being lazy. Instead, ask the question ‘What are the working hours for this role?’ or ‘Is there a positive work-life balance?’

5. How much holiday do you offer?

Any benefits you receive with the job will be discussed once you receive a job offer and are not to be discussed in the interview. Asking questions around what benefits you will receive can undermine the interest you have in the role and might make it look like you assume you have succeeded in landing the position.

6. What will my salary be?

Any questions surrounding the salary should be discussed at the time of the job offer and not during the interview.


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