Record number of vacancies offers great career opportunities


There have rarely been so many opportunities in the labor market as today. In just about every sector, the 'war for talent' is raging fiercely. This explosive growth of vacancies therefore offers great career opportunities to professionals who are open to a new challenge. How do you ensure that you are selected as the best candidate for the job? Aline Lewy, senior Consultant with international recruitment firm Robert Walters, explains.

Cultural fit

Firstly, it is very important to know if you are comfortable with the organisation's culture. "Recent research by Robert Walters found that over 70% had already left a job because of a poor cultural fit. This means that their values, vision and motivations did not match those of the organization. If there is no such fit, you can quickly feel unhappy in the job and ultimately decide to look elsewhere. By investigating as many cultural nuances of your potential employer as possible beforehand and becoming familiar with them, you will quickly discover whether the organization is a good fit for you or not. " says Aline.   

Competitive advantage 

However, being skilled alone is not enough. Companies are often looking for candidates who have something extra to offer. "That could be the refresher courses you take, for example, or simply the knowledge you have acquired about developments within the sector. Employers are particularly keen to attract candidates who can demonstrate that they are regularly updating their knowledge and skills and are continuously developing," Aline continues.  

Adaptability and resilience 

There are also some other qualities that recruiters appreciate. Aline: "In many organisations, professional life means trial and error. If you can show that you have the necessary adaptability, and that you can deal with difficult situations, you will soon have an edge. So don't hesitate to tell an anecdote during your job interview about when you faced a challenge and how your knowledge and experience helped you find a good solution." 

Creativity and personal touch 

If you can incorporate your creativity into your CV or job interview, that is definitely a plus. "Certainly for the more creative positions, such as copywriter or communication specialist, a candidate does well to highlight his or her creativity. This can be done in various ways, but an ideal approach is to make a portfolio of your previous work. While making that portfolio, you can of course add your own touch. That way your potential manager will certainly remember you," says Aline.  

Start in advance  

During your application, you can also make an impression by preparing yourself just that little bit better than other candidates. Aline: "It always helps if you can show what added value you can bring to the organisation. You can do this by drawing up a plan, for example, in which you clearly indicate what you would do if you were given the job. Talking to someone who has already done a lot of thinking is very refreshing for recruiters. It shows that you really want the job. But beware: this requires very thorough preparation and it is important not to appear too cocky when presenting your ideas," warns Aline. 


In many organizations, you will end up working in some kind of team. Candidates who can demonstrate that they can work well in a team and develop strong working relationships with colleagues will have a big advantage. "You can give an example of a previous team-working experience during your application, or tell what the team at your previous employer was like and how you contributed to the team spirit there," says Aline.  

Above all, remember that your unique work experience is what makes you special. Because everyone is unique, you can turn that into creativity.Don't be afraid to emphasize the challenges you have overcome and to add a personal touch to your CV or portfolio.  

When your research is complete and you feel that the company culture is a good fit with your personal values and expectations, and you take the above tips into account, you will undoubtedly stand out from the other candidates applying for the same job.


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