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The corona pandemic and job security have been the main reasons for a lot of professionals to stay with their employers in recent years. Now things have changed. Every year, international recruitment specialist Robert Walters surveys professionals and business leaders in their network on what their expectations are for the coming year. This reveals that 62% of surveyed professionals plan to change jobs in 2023. Career progression and salary are the two main drivers for this. Even 67% are considering leaving their current employer if no salary increase is granted in the coming year.   

Özlem Simsek, managing director at Robert Walters, explains the key findings from this survey. 

Stagnation is regression

2023 will be a year of considerable movement in the labour market, according to Robert Walters' recent salary survey: as many as 62% of employees surveyed plan to change jobs in the coming year. Almost half (48%) of them do so mainly because they want to advance their careers. "The corona pandemic and the uncertainty it brought has made professionals more inclined to stay with their employer in recent years, even if it somewhat hindered their ambitions," Özlem explains.   

39% of professionals say they would look for a new job in order to advance in salary levels. In this respect, the expected salary indexation in January does not appear to be enough for the majority. Over half (56%) expect to get a salary increase of 6 to 10%, on top of the upcoming indexation.   

Not getting a pay rise in the new year is even enough reason for 67% to leave their employer for good. One in three professionals say they want to change jobs in 2023 simply because they feel it is time for something new.   

Job security less important than salary 

Job security still barely plays a role in employees' consideration. 83% are confident they can easily find a new job once they decide to leave their employer. "Highly sought-after professionals often receive multiple contract offers at the same time, putting them in a strong negotiating position when it comes to remuneration. Not surprisingly, 58% say getting the most out of their salary potential is more important than job security.   

Looking beyond salary 

Salary may be an important focus for many employees now, but it is also important to look beyond the amount on the payslip. A challenging job, inspiring colleagues and the company culture remain essential for most professionals. Özlem: "We therefore advise applicants to think about all aspects: 'Why exactly do I want to leave my current employer? 'Will I get enough autonomy and flexibility there?' In short: 'in what area - other than salary - will I improve?' Those who take the time to think this through and formulate a positive answer to such questions will soon realize that any salary increase will matter less." 


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