Top factors determining well-being at work


The latest edition of the Robert Walters Salary Survey summarises the most up to date salary information and employment trends in Belgium and Luxembourg. Besides salary data, the book also reveals talent hotspots and employee expectations across Belgium and Luxembourg.

Katrien Vanden Meerssche, Consultant in the Commerce & Industry team, shares her comments on the key findings determining job satisfaction and why people consider leaving their current job.


Job satisfaction

In terms of key job satisfaction factors, the professionals surveyed across all sectors were particularly satisfied with the possibility of teleworking (31%), the freedom to organise their own agenda (48%) and flexible working hours (43%). 

Katrien Vanden Meerssche, Consultant at Robert Walters, explains: "In the financial sector, employees like accountants and controllers, for example, are usually very busy. This is why they highly appreciate flexibility in their working hours or the ability to work from home in order to better manage the balance between their private and professional lives". 

We also note that 48% of the candidates surveyed say they are satisfied with their salary and the benefits associated with their position. In addition, open management and effective leadership are an element of satisfaction that is considered important (60%) in all sectors analysed in the survey. "Open management enables employees to receive regular feedback about their work. This helps them to learn and do better every day. When a problem occurs, it can be solved quickly. This management style increases the productivity of the entire team and gives employees the necessary recognition".

Finally, professionals also attach great importance to a challenging job content (58%). A good work-life balance is also an important motivating factor (50%). 

Motivators to change jobs

In addition to motivators at work, the professionals surveyed also gave an insight into what can motivate them to change jobs.

The two most important drivers to look for other horizons are better career development prospects (34%) and a higher salary (21%). "In the financial sector, many professionals look to a challenging job with great responsibilities. The higher the salary, the greater the desire for a generous salary increase", concludes Katrien Vanden Meerssche.


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