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The corona pandemic has changed the work of CFOs considerably. As a result of the pandemic, skills like financial modelling and financial risk have become increasingly important, and for many executives it is now more a case of steering their organisation safely through the crisis, rather than focusing on strong growth.

But even before the pandemic, Chief Financial Officers developed rapidly. What is required of the modern CFO? How do they recruit a successful team? And what is the situation with regard to diversity in the boardroom? Read our articles about the labour market for CFOs. 

Learn more about the job market for CFOs and the latest salary trends in our overview. 




Career advice for CFOs


4 skills of modern CFOs

The modern Chief Financial Officer is a business partner, a team leader, a communication specialist and the driving force behind digitalisation, all in one.


Diversity in the boardroom 

Internationalisation, sustainable business and the corona crisis will further increase the diversity in the boardroom. Özlem Simsek explains.


5 tips for today's CFO

In order to succeed, the CFO of the future will need to develop new skill sets to overcome the challenges of today's ever-changing environment.


Tips to capture more than 10 years of experience in a concise CV

Recruiters and employers attach great importance to a short and concise CV in order to quickly form a picture of you. Here are 4 tips to do so.


Misunderstandings about working as an Interim Manager

Many senior professionals have the wrong idea about working as an Interim Manager. Stephanie De Bruecker takes a closer look.

Half-year financial job index

What happened in the financial job market over the last six months? Christophe Paquay shares his insights.


CFOs are open to switch jobs again

As a result of the corona-pandemic, remarkably fewer top financial executives made the switch to a new job in the past year. But that's changing! Özlem Simsek explains.


4 reasons to change jobs now

After a year of working from home and taking the time for self-reflection, many professionals are ready for a new impulse. Marie-Astrid explains.

Financial management in motion

A growing number of investments and acquisitions have created a great need for new top financial managers. Christophe explains.


Hiring advice for CFOs


"There is rarely anyone at this level we don't have our eye on"

Christophe Pacquay, Manager with Robert Walters and specialist in executive search, explains his vision of the market.


How to manage and motivate your teams remotely

With remote working being a very attractive solution for attracting top talent, Robert Walters offers top tips as a guidance.


The future of the finance function: download our e-guide 

We surveyed over 5,500 professionals and 2,200 global companies to find out what factors will continue to drive change within the finance function in the new few years.


4 important interim trends for CFOs

The modern CFO is increasingly involved in the hiring process. Hence, it is important to know what is going on in the operational interim management market. Adèle Demeire sets out the trends.


5 tips to hire and secure the best finance professionals

Given the increasing candidate driven market, acute skills shortages will persist. Here are five tips that will help you hire and secure the best finance candidates.


2021 hiring trends in accounting & finance 

Job location is no longer on top of the wish list for finance professionals. Els Van Der Veken shares her expectations about the labour market for accounting & finance professionals.


Benchmarking salaries for Controllers

Many CFOs want to keep a grip on costs in times of crisis. Hence, the demand for Controllers is peaking. Here's how to attract Controllers with a competitive salary.


Finance professionals least impacted by Covid-19

Only 7% of finance professionals were asked to work reduced hours or take a voluntary salary reduction, making them the least negatively hit throughout the pandemic.


Understanding societal drivers that are changing the finance function 

Preferences and wishes of finance professionals are changing as a a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and other social developments. Find out what they currently find important in their work.

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