Controller salary trends

Do you work as a controller and are you curious whether your salary is in line with current market rates? Or are you looking for a job within controlling, but you have no idea what salary you can expect?

Our 2022 Salary Survey provides an overview of current salaries for controller positions in Belgium.


Salary of a Financial Controller

Many financial controllers start their career in a 'Big4'. With three to four years of audit experience, you have a good basis for an all-round financial reporting function, allowing you to grow into a job as a financial controller. Professionals with previous experience in general ledger accounting and a strong analytical understanding often progress to a financial controlling position. It often makes a perfect second step in a career as finance professional.

Financial controllers with 5-7 years of relevant work experience earn between 51k EUR and 72k EUR gross in permanent employment. Salaries differ greatly, depending on, among other things, the size of the organization in which you work and the sector in which the company operates. In most organizations this salary is supplemented with secondary employment conditions such as a company car and bonus. A financial controller with 7 to 15 years' experience can expect a salary between 75k EUR and 100k EUR. Senior financial controllers with more than 15 years of experience can count on a gross annual salary between 95k EUR and 122k EUR.

Salary of a Business Controller

A business controller acts as a strategic partner of the CEO, the COO and the CFO. In contrast to the financial controller, his or her range of tasks consists of operational matters rather than compliance, tax and accounting tasks.

The demand for business controllers has been huge for the last couple of years. Digital transformation and the ongoing financial impact of the Covid-19 crisis kept business controllers much sought after. As a result, experienced business controllers have a strong negotiating position. A business controller with 5 to 7 years of experience can count on a gross annual salary between 51k EUR and 72k EUR. From 7 to 15 years' experience, the annual salary can rise up to 100k EUR, and those with more than 15 years of experience in business control can count on a gross salary of up to around 122k EUR. Just like with financial controllers, this salary is supplemented with a wide range of secondary conditions.

Division Controller & Group Controller salaries

Curious about the salary of a division controller, group controller and other finance positions? Request direct access to our 2022 salary survey. Here you will find salary trends, in-demand skills and other insights into the labor market for finance professionals.

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