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What does the future of the Business Controller hold?

Every month Robert Walters puts a popular job in the spotlight. This month, we selected the role of Business Controller, which is currently in high demand.

But what exactly does a Business Controller do? And what does the future of controlling hold? We asked for the opinion of our expert, Marie Parmentier.  

What does a Business Controller do exactly?

Marie Parmentier, Manager at Robert Walters: “For a lot of big companies controlling is at the core of an informed and thoughtful decision-making process. A Business Controller acts as an associate to and supports the CEO, COO and CFO. His or her job responsibilities rather consist of operational tasks, as opposed to a Financial Controller, who is concerned with compliance, taxes and accountancy related tasks.”

The primary goals of a Business Controller are:

  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Stay informed and advise
  • Identify and mitigate internal and external risks.

Which are the skills of a successful Business Controller?

Essentially a Business Controller is the all-seeing eye of the executive management team and he or she ideally possesses the following skillset:

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Insight in ongoing business processes
  • Knowledge of IT and information flows
  • Insight in the development of business controlling tools.

What does the future of business control look like?

Business control will stay the ultimate link between finance and the business, allowing companies to enhance their strategy and core business. However, the complexity of the Business Controller job will increase as time progresses.

The Business Controller of the future is a generalist with an advanced knowledge of IT, as systems and related information flows become increasingly complex. Furthermore, a new challenge lies within the field of risk management, which still isn’t a standard practice for a lot of companies.

Soft skills will also remain highly sought after in business control profiles, who will often be in close contact with the different teams within the company and the management team. 

How much does a Business Controller earn?

According to our recent Salary Survey, a Business Controller with 5 to 7 years of experience earns between 50k EUR and 70k EUR per year. From 7 years of experience on, the annual salary varies between 75k and 100k EUR. A Business Controller with more than 10 years of experience may expect a gross annual salary of 95k-120k EUR per year. 

A career as Business Controller

Do you aspire an interesting career as a Business Controller? Recent Jobfeed statistics have shown that during this year’s Q1 and Q2, almost 1000 new job opportunities in business controlling were created in Belgium. 29% of these job vacancies can be found in Brussels Capital Region, followed by Antwerp and East-Flanders with respectively 18% and 13% of the total number of vacancies.

Are you ready for your next career move?

Take a look at our latest Business Controller jobs  or create a job alert to receive new Business Controller jobs directly in your mailbox.

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