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Boost your career without resigning

Recent research by Robert Walters showed that nearly one in two professionals who change jobs do so primarily to advance their careers. Employees feel that they are no longer learning anything in their job, or that their role is not evolving enough. The need for growth and advancement makes many people look for a new employer. 

However, there are ways to boost your career without having to change jobs. Robert Walters, international recruitment specialist, outlines 4 steps you can take to boost your career with your current employer. 

1. Create a career plan 

Think carefully about what is important to you in your job and where your ambitions lie for the future. What role do you see yourself in within 3 to 5 years at your current employer? Feel free to ask for input from your manager as well. By involving your manager in drawing up your career plan, your goals will be more concrete and together you can turn them into a feasible plan. 

2. Think about upskilling 

A lot of employers are nowadays offering good training opportunities. In fact, upskilling is truly a win-win concept. As an employee, you get the chance to expand your skillset and grow personally, and the organization increases its internal expertise.

Find out what skills are needed to advance in your current role, or to take the lateral career step you envision. 


3. Collaborate on overarching projects 

Make yourself available to collaborate on overarching projects. By working with different departments, you will gain deeper insights into how things work in the organization. In addition, you will get on the radar of multiple team leaders - a good start to grow into a position with more responsibility. 

4. Find a mentor 

A mentor can be extremely valuable for providing direction for your career. This can be a person in the company with a different position but may as well be someone outside the organization. Professional advice from someone you trust can help you get a clear view in moments of uncertainty. You look at things from a different point of view, allowing you to better address professional challenges. 

Think about where you are now, what skills you have and where you would like to be. Remember that you are in control of your career - you set the course as well as the destination.  

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