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How to stay motivated when being isolated because of Corona

Government’s regulations have forced people to stay at home to protect themselves against the Covid-19 virus.

In order to make our time at home as enjoyable as possible, staffing specialist Robert Walters asked their staff members how they keep themselves motivated, despite being isolated at home. Here are a few of their ideas.

Keep in touch with your loved ones

Social contact is crucial for your own well-being, but it does not necessarily have to be face-to-face. Today’s technology makes it possible to stay in close contact with your loved ones. Here are some creative ideas how you can interact remotely with friends and family:  

  • Organise an e-apéro via Skype: this is a great way to catch up, even when everyone is in front of a screen
  • Play a board game remotely: there are numerous apps and websites available to choose from
  • Watch and comment on the same movie or series together: Netflix enables you to watch a movie while chatting with friends in the chat room at the same time.


Step outside and enjoy the sun

Getting some fresh air and leaving the house is good for your morale, especially when you’re behind your PC all day long. Here are some tips that will make you feel energetic and in a good mood in no time:

  • Take a walk in the sun with your roommate or a family member
  • Walk the dog
  • Have a seat in your backyard or on the terrace with that book you've been wanting to read for so long
  • Be sporty: go for a run, ride your bike or do a work-out session on your terrace
  • Do some gardening or grow some herbs.


Try something new

Today's world makes us live at 100 km/h, and everyone is 'busy, busy, busy' all the time. ‘I don't have time’ is what we all say and hear on a daily basis.

  • Trying out a new recipe
  • Exploring a new sport: you don't necessarily have to go to a sports club or buy special gear to exercise. There are plenty of online sports lessons and demonstration videos adapted to home sports. If special gear is required, you can always order it online
  • Read a new book or listen to some inspiring podcasts
  • Do some cleaning: what could be better than spending your days in a clean and tidy house? Sort out those shelves and cupboards. You will feel all the better in your daily (tidy) environment.
This period of being isolated is an ideal opportunity to do the things you've been wanting to do for a long time, but never found the time for.

Find happiness in little things

This day is also the ideal opportunity to pay attention to the little things that can make you happy on a daily basis:

  • Enjoy a quiet breakfast, without the stress of having to rush to school or work on time
  • Enjoy nature and admire flowers and trees in full bloom
  • Without the commute and daily traffic jams, your working days seem shorter and there is more free time to do fun things. Benefit from a nice long bath, for example, or take an apéro on your terrace or balcony
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet. There are fewer cars on the road, less polluted air and less noise in the streets. The weather is getting warmer and sunnier, so ideal to open the windows to let some fresh air in the house
  • Finally, having time for the really important things in life: taking care of yourself and your loved ones around you. 

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