Annual appraisal coming up? Here are 6 tips to show your worth!


Performance reviews are a stressful experience for most employees. But it doesn’t have to be. With some preparation, it is the ideal time to discuss your performance over the past year with your manager. This meeting can also be used to discuss a desired salary increase or further growth opportunities.



International recruitment firm Robert Walters shares 6 top tips to make the most of your appraisal and to show how valuable you are to your manager.

1. Be prepared

Being well-prepared for your performance review will automatically make you feel more confident, so make sure you have some examples of your work and achievements on hand and all the facts gathered before you go into the meeting. A performance review or annual appraisal can be a defining moment in your career. It is therefore important to prepare yourself, just as you would for an exam or a job interview

2. Think about your future in the organisation

Think about what you want to achieve in your career in the coming years and how your current employer can help you getting there. Take time to think about possible training courses, additional professional qualifications you might be interested in, or how you can gain other experiences to expand your skills. In short: anything that can help your career in the long run.

3. Speak up

Do you have certain ideas or suggestions about how your role, the team or a specific process within the company could be more efficient? Then the performance review is the chance to make yourself heard. Use the opportunity to express your interest in additional responsibilities. This is a great way to get ahead, get noticed and show your commitment to the company and your position within it.

Anything discussed during a review should not come as a surprise to either party.Don't keep your frustrations bottled up: these should be discussed as and when they arise, but reviews are a good time to revisit issues that have arisen during the year.

4. Stick to the facts

Above all, remember that a performance review is a business discussion. Avoid emotional language and reactions to the constructive feedback you may receive. It is your best chance to convince your employer of the value you have contributed to the company and how you can continue to do so in the future.

Performance reviews should be a positive experience and an opportunity for you to communicate honestly with your manager about your career development. Take responsibility for the process and the rewards will follow.

5. Salary increase? Dare to ask!

Robert Walters' recent salary survey reveals that almost half (47%) of employees surveyed in Belgium hope to receive a salary increase in 2023. No less than 67% assume their employer will take inflation into account. 4 in 10 professionals would be satisfied with a pay rise equal to indexation, but 30% hope to get an extra 2% on top of this. 26% of professionals surveyed by Robert Walters even hope for a salary increase of 5% or more, on top of the upcoming salary indexation.  

Do you think your performance and efforts over the past year should be rewarded? Then the performance review is the ideal moment to bring this up. Focus on actual reasons why you should be considered for a pay rise or a promotion, and not just because someone else got one.

6. Be open to compromise

Be prepared to accept that your employer may not be able to meet all your requests and think about what you are prepared to accept. Be open to a possible compromise that is a win-win for you and your employer. For example, agree higher performance targets in exchange for the opportunity to access specific training programs, or an extended fringe benefits package.


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