Land a new job before the end of the year

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Have you been applying for jobs consistently for the past few months but now that the end of the year is approaching, you’re thinking of taking a break? Or perhaps you’ve decided to wait until next year to take your career in a new direction?

While many job seekers often wait until the beginning of the new year to start job hunting, the end of the year is actually a great time to start or continue your search.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. More hiring activity than you think

Companies are increasingly adopting a hiring plan to ensure they have hired the required staff and have successfully on-boarded them into the business in late Q4. This is because they want to start the new year with the right staff in place, rather than being bothered by recruitment activity in the new year.

Many companies are also allocated an annual budget for hiring which they need to use in order to maintain budget levels the following year. This is another reason why the end of the year is a prime time to job hunt, and one of the busiest periods for recruiters.

2. One step ahead of the competition

Many people begin their job search at the beginning of the new year, continuing your job search now will therefore give you a head start and lead to less competition. Since many companies are looking to hire before January, the lack of competitive applicants at the end of the year allows you to take a more strategic approach with your search and land your dream job before others even start looking. 

3. More time to get up to speed

With business typically slowing down at the end of the year, it is the perfect time to join a new company and complete your on-boarding process with your new employer.

Usually the new year is full of strategy meetings and people getting back to the busy flow of work. So instead of feeling like a nuisance during January and February, starting a new job during Q4 will allow you more time to complete your training and ask questions without feeling overwhelmed by the “plan of attack” atmosphere that the new year brings.

Act before it’s too late, search for your next job now.

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