Project Managers: more popular than ever!


Every month at Robert Walters, we put a popular position in the spotlight. This month, we selected the role of a Project Manager, currently a highly sought-after position within interim management.

But what does an Interim Project Manager do exactly? And is it worth giving up a permanent job to become a Project Manager? We asked Audrey Bostvironois, Managing Consultant in the interim management division.


What does a Project Manager do exactly and what is the added value for an organisation?

Audrey: “An organisation primarily calls on a Project Manager for ‘vertical’ projects they want to implement within a specific domain such as finance, HR, supply chain or IT. In addition, Project Managers are also recruited for more transversal projects in cases where organisations want to tackle the overall functioning within the company or within a specific department. This could be a project around process optimisation, an ERP implementation or a reorganisation. When this project is outsourced to an Interim Project Manager, this brings many benefits for the organisation. Depending on the type of project and its complexity, a Project Manager with similar previous experience is called in, as he will be able to generate the desired results in the short term.”

What makes someone a good Project Manager?

“An Interim Project Manager is usually hired in an organisation for a period of 6 to 18 months. In that short period of time, he must therefore lead the entire project, with or without the support of permanent employees within the company. Strong organisational talent and good communication skills are therefore essential, as is a sense of diplomacy and persuasiveness. For a project to succeed, it is important that all noses are in the same direction and that the Project Manager maintains a good helicopter view on the entire process. After all, he must be able to report results quickly to the stakeholders. "

Anyone who is open to new challenges and who wants to bring significant added value to an organisation as a neutral and objective person, awaits an exciting career as a Project Manager.

The demand for Project Managers is increasing. Why is that?

“The demand for Interim Project Managers has indeed increased considerably in recent years. This is mainly because business investments are increasing in many sectors. Very often, a Project Manager is called in to optimise or harmonise processes, to implement ERP implementations, etc. In addition, organisations that have completed an acquisition, often call on a specialised Project Manager to implement change management and post-merger integrations smoothly within the new structure."

What advice could you give to someone who is considering giving up his permanent job in order to become an Interim Project Manager?

“Professionals with specific experience within a certain domain who would like to further develop their career in this, are without any doubt suitable interim managers. Anyone who is open to new challenges and who wants to bring significant added value to an organisation as a neutral and objective person, awaits an exciting career as a Project Manager. ”


Interested to find out more?

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