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Professionals over 55 are often overlooked for a promotion

Despite their valuable experience, the over-55s are often left out when it comes to promotion. We highlight some key figures.

Two-thirds of employees no longer feel engaged in their workplace

The pandemic has left almost two-thirds of employees feeling disengaged from their workplace. Evi Melkenbeke shares her views on this issue.

5 ways to take your team from ordinary to extraordinary

Well-integrated, high-performing teams are a key driver of business performance. What is not so obvious is the formula to develop such a successful team.

Is employer branding a marketing or HR function?

We highlight the importance of employer branding for your business and who should look after it: HR or marketing?
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Coaching teams effectively

Read this tips on how to coach effectively your teams and understand the deep meaning of the word "coaching".

Managing poor performance

Carrying out regular appraisals and identifying objectives is key to preventing poor performance. Find out here some tips we outline to solve this problem.