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What keeps HR leaders busy in the next phase of the corona pandemic

The weeks in which HR’s main role was focused on crisis communication and the transition to a remote workforce are long behind us, but the impact of the corona pandemic on the HR department is still very apparent.

People First: solidifying and improving your workplace culture during tough climates

Constant disruption and change over long periods can create a sense of extreme instability amongst workers. HR teams need to continue promoting the company culture to make sure that employees will always be put first.

Burning the candle - strategies to combat workplace burnout

In this guide, we’ll explore strategies organisations can use to help battle burnout to ensure employees maintain a healthy relationship with their work.

Returning to the new world of work: A practical guide for business leaders

How do businesses respond to Covid-19, what do they really think about remote working and how do they plan to return to the office? And what is their vision for the new world of work? Download the eguide here.

Onboarding remotely: how to support your new hire

How can your new starter access the same level of support from home? Take a look at our top tips to help support your new hire remotely.

Onboarding remotely: mapping out an employee induction

Your new hire is geared up to start, but what will their induction look like? Here are our top tips to map out their first few weeks in their digital office.