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What does the future of the Business Controller hold?

Looking for a job in finance? Marie Parmentier reveals why the future of the Business Controller looks bright.

4 tips to control your inbox and your work day

Sometimes an overflowing mailbox and a growing to-do list can be great stress factors. We've listed some tips to tackle these factors and to manage your day.

6 interview questions you should never ask

To make sure your winning interview doesn’t go south, here is an overview of questions you should avoid asking at all costs.

From Big 4 professional to recruitment consultant

What makes recruitment such a great choice for finance professionals looking for a career change? Former Big 4 professionals Christophe and Aline discuss their reasons for making the move.

Deciding between 2 job offers

It might sound like the dream, but having two job offers on the table can make for a hard decision. Marie shares some crucial things to consider if you’re struggling to decide.

Refer a friend

Friendship is rewarding: refer your friends to Robert Walters and you will receive a gift card from Coolblue.

Life after Big 4: Four tips to help you find a job

Leaving the comfort of the Big 4 world can be intimidating. Here are 4 tips to follow to find your next job.

5 C's for internal auditors

Are your skills what employers are looking for? We identify the “top five Cs” internal auditors should develop.

Counter offers: to accept or not?

When confronted with a counter offer, it's important to understand what impact this decision could have on your career in the long term.