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Christophe & Aline talking about their switch from the Big 4 to recruitment

From Big 4 professional to recruitment consultant

What makes recruitment such a great choice for finance professionals looking for a career change? Former Big 4 professionals Christophe and Aline discuss their reasons for making the move.

Deciding between 2 job offers

It might sound like the dream, but having two job offers on the table can make for a hard decision. Marie shares some crucial things to consider if you’re struggling to decide.

Refer a friend

Friendship is rewarding: refer your friends to Robert Walters and you will receive a gift card from Coolblue.

Life after Big 4: Four tips to help you find a job

Leaving the comfort of the Big 4 world can be intimidating. Here are 4 tips to follow to find your next job.
Group of people exchanging papers in meeting

5 C's for internal auditors

Are your skills what employers are looking for? We identify the “top five Cs” internal auditors should develop.
Woman thinking about whether to accept a counter offer or not

Counter offers: to accept or not?

When confronted with a counter offer, it's important to understand what impact this decision could have on your career in the long term.
Marie-Astrid Carlier, Associate Director at Robert Walters

Four myths about leaving the Big 4

Marie-Astrid clarifies why many Big 4 professionals grow weary of making a move based on common misconceptions either about their Big 4 journey or about what to expect from an industry role.

5 ways to avoid distractions during your workday

Do you find yourself getting easily distracted? Check out our top five tips to help minimise these distractions and stay focused.
Woman giving presentation to her team

Perfect your presentation skills

No matter how informative, tailored, visually interesting and relevant the content, if the delivery is poor, the message will be lost. Here are some top tips.