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Boost your career without resigning

Almost one in two professionals who change jobs do so primarily to advance their careers. However, there are ways to boost your career without changing jobs. Robert Walters offers some tips.
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Work-life balance: here's how to avoid regular overtime

Working overtime now and then is part of the business world. However, structural overtime has obvious dire consequences, both for the employer and the employee. Stephen Fournier explains.

Annual appraisal coming up? Here are 6 tips to show your worth!

With the right approach, your annual appraisal is the perfect opportunity to show how valuable you are. Robert Walters reveals 6 tips.

Talking about your salary with colleagues: the do's and don'ts

Telling your colleagues how much you earn remains a taboo subject for many, as it may cause tensions between you and the people you work with. However, there are some situations where it can be useful.

Suffering from ‘job application fatigue’? Here's how to deal with it!

Even with an abundance of vacancies in many industries, searching for a new job requires a lot of time and effort. Robert Walters offers a few tips to keep your motivation up and avoid 'job application fatigue'.

Record number of vacancies offers great career opportunities

The current record number of vacancies offers great career opportunities to professionals who are open to a new challenge. How do you ensure that you are selected as the best candidate for the job? Aline Lewy shares a few tips.

Feeling homesick after leaving your previous employer? This is how you return!

What if you resign and end up regretting your choice? Is there a way back? Returning to your previous employer may seem strange to some professionals, but it is not at all. Robert Walters shares 6 tips.

Are your social media getting in the way of your next job?

How can you make the most of social media in developing your career while avoiding any negative impact your online profile may have? Robert Walters offers some tips.

You resigned and your employer makes a counter offer. Now what?

What if you resign and your employer makes you a counter offer? Is it wise to respond to this? We review the main reasons to accept or decline a counter offer.