Animal shelters

Animal shelters often depend on volunteers to help out in their daily activities.

Together, the Robert Walters teams take the matter in their own hands and go out to some local animal shelters.

From feeding and petting the cats and other small animals to cleaning their cages and taking the dogs for a relaxing walk, we will give them all the love they deserve while waiting for a new home.

Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon

Since October is International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Robert Walters teams will collect money for Pink Ribbon by selling ribbons designed by Coralie Barbier, and some delicious pastries. The ribbon resembles an infinity sign representing the unlimited and indestructible power of all women who suffer from breast cancer. 

Pink Ribbon wants to raise more awareness for breast cancer screenings in order to detect breast cancer in an early stage. 

Helping hands

Together with local non-profit organisations, the Robert Walters staff will help out where they can to support people in need in our own neighbourhood.

Our teams will be cooking with left-overs, organise activities for elder people in local rest homes and clean the streets in Brussels.

In addition, they will collect worn clothes and sell them at a local fancy fair. Profits from this sale will be used to buy food and material for people in poverty.

What will Robert Walters do for #GlobalCharityDay this year?

At Robert Walters, we really encourage teamwork in everything we do - including our community and charity initiatives. Every year, Robert Walters and Walters People offices around the world raise as much money as possible for their chosen charity.

Consultants from all our offices pitch in and participate in an imaginative series of events, from selling ribbons to support Pink Ribbon and delicious home-made pastries, to helping the local animal shelters, rest homes and supporting events raising money for the less fortunate. It's about doing the right thing for the community, that's the Robert Walters approach.

Pink Ribbon

How will Pink Ribbon benefit from our donation? 

Our entire donation will be used to support healthcare service provided to patients, in order to improve their quality of life. Pink Ribbon also organise  many events to create more awareness around this topic. With these events, they want people to talk about the prevention, the detection and the psychosocial care of the disease. 

How can you help?

If you would like to support Pink Ribbon's initiatives, please buy one or more of their ribbons here for only €3,00. By doing so, you will not only help people suffering from cancer to have a better quality of life, you will also help Pink Ribbon to create awareness for breast cancer. Next to the ribbons, they also offer other products like bracelets, necklaces, keychains, agendas, drinking bottles and even Christmas ornaments! 

Consultez leur webshop. Bezoek hun webshop

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Özlem Simsek, Managing Director Belgium

Özlem Simsek

Managing Director Belgium

"At Robert Walters, we're focused on getting involved in charities that affect the local communities in which we're based, building on the strengths of our people and making them integral to our business strategy. It means social responsibility isn't an afterthought, it's part of our values."

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