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Getting the hiring process right

How do you create a positive experience for potential employees through the hiring process? Here are 7 tips.
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6 global hiring trends you need to know in 2018

Hiring activity increased across most markets in 2017. With many sectors facing talent shortages, we take a look at the top trends impacting your hiring strategy this year.
Renske Lubbinge, Manager Commerce & Industry Robert Walters Belgium

Finance professionals are holding the cards in today’s market

Given the volume of available roles rising, which trends will thrive in such a candidate driven market? Renske Lubbinge summarises what to expect in 2018.
Olivier van Outryve, Senior Manager Interim Management division

Demand for interim managers continues to increase

Which profiles are most sought-after and how will interim management activity evolve in 2018? Olivier van Outryve outlines the latest trends.
Charles-Henri Rouvroy, Senior Manager Banking & Financial Services division

Specialists remain the most sought-after professionals

How has the banking & financial services sector evolved and what can we expect for 2018? Charles-Henri Rouvroy reviews the latest trends.
Inez Willem, Senior Consultant at Robert Walters

5 tips to hire and secure the best finance professionals

Hiring managers will face acute skills shortages in the year ahead. Inez Willem shares five tips that will help you hire the best finance candidates.