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Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z: why you need all three in the workplace

Each generation has its own typical characteristics, and these can also be perceived in the workplace. As an employer, how do you ensure that all generations work together optimally? Gitte Peeraer explains.

Corporate culture is the decisive difference between start-ups and more traditional organizations

As many as half of the professionals would only consider a start-up for their next career move. Aline explains the difference in company culture between traditional organisations and start-ups.

Professionals expect more than just a pay rise

Organizations have a tough time recruiting the right talent. But at the same time, professionals have increasing expectations, goals, and ambitions. Robert Walters dives into some of the latest trends in terms of candidate expectations.

Belgian Big 4 lose talent to supermarket chains

Just like in The Netherlands, the number of finance professionals leaving the Big 4 continues to rise. Why is that? Marie explains.
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50% vow to move to a start-up in their next career move

No less than 50% prefer to work for a start-up company rather than a well-established organisation. Els Van Der Veken explains why and what we can learn from start-ups.

Belgian CFOs in numbers

Download our overview of salaries, interim management fees and latest trends on the labour market for CFO's.