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Controllers in high demand but there is confusion over job content

The need is high but at the same time, attracting controllers is a real challenge for organisations. Christophe gives tips on how to attract and retain controllers.

Foreign engineers can (partly) make up for talent shortage

Jülide Tunali explains why giving foreign talent a chance is so interesting for organisations, particularly in the search for engineering professionals.

Salaries in 2023: Will we settle for just the salary indexation?

Surveyed professionals uncover high expectations when it comes to salary evolution in the coming year. Els Van Der Veken shares the main findings of the survey.

High salary of newcomers leads to internal frustration in the workplace

Talent shortages still exist in many sectors. Employers therefore often have to dig deep to recruit new staff. However, this causes frustrations in the workplace. Özlem Simsek explains.

Two in three professionals considering leaving

The Robert Walters Salary Survey reveals that 67% are considering leaving their current employer if no salary increase is granted in the coming year.  Özlem Simsek explains the key findings from the survey.

Professionals over 55 are often overlooked for a promotion

Despite their valuable experience, the over-55s are often left out when it comes to promotion. We highlight some key figures.