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Achieving a healthy work-life balance

We all know that maintaining a good work-life balance is important for your personal health and wellbeing on a professional and personal level. A healthy workplace can allow you to better achieve and exceed performance objectives and therefore have a positive impact on your career. Increasing workloads and demands however do not always make it easy to keep such a healthy balance. 

From stepping out for lunch to learning to prioritise, here are our 4 top tips to help you manage and maintain a healthy work-life balance:

1. Learn to prioritise

Instead of trying to do everything at once and jumping back and forth from one task to another, you could end up doing nothing well. Make a to-do list and work on the more important tasks first, spreading the rest of the work over a more manageable timeline.

While it may seem honourable to take on additional responsibilities, knowing when to say no is also an important way to reduce stress or anxiety. Start off by making full use of the leave that you have. Taking time off helps you recharge your batteries so you can be better prepared for further challenges at work.

2. Step out for lunch

Lunchtime is the perfect opportunity to get a break from work. Yet, many people end up working during their lunch break. When doing so, you also miss out on a chance to socialise and relax. The more you feel time-squeezed and weighed down by work, the more you should step away from your desk and enjoy the company of your friends and colleagues. 

3. Leave work on time

There may be days when you have to work overtime, but try to not get into the habit of staying late for the sake of it. Don’t feel like you won’t be taken seriously if you leave work on time. If you organise your time and are efficient and productive during your work hours, you might not need to do any overtime work at all. Prioritise your tasks so you won't feel rushed to get them finished before you leave.

4. Maintaining that balance

An increasing number of employers are recognising that a poor work-life balance can ultimately affect their employees’ job satisfaction level, productivity and work performance. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s important that you let your manager know, in case they would be able to help you with reorganise deadlines and workload. 


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