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AI shakes up traditional recruitment process

In recent years, technological developments have reshaped traditional recruitment and selection practices. Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a driving force for transformation and offers promising solutions for organisations looking to address the complexities of talent acquisition. In the coming year, the integration of AI into recruitment processes will only increase, with the main goal for organisations to improve candidate experience.

Rapid growth

Recent research by Robert Walters shows that 37% of professionals already use AI in their work. This demonstrates that AI is quickly being embraced, especially considering that this technology has only been available for a year and a half. This growing acceptance shows that professionals are becoming familiar with integrating AI into their daily work.

In 2023, companies already started using AI in the recruitment process, and this trend will only increase this year.

Especially in Belgium, where companies are competing to bring talent on board, the use of AI could be an advantage.


Optimising the recruitment process

A significant way in which AI can help is by taking over manual, repetitive or time-consuming tasks to streamline the recruitment process. For example, by using AI, you can automate the drafting of job adverts and even speed up the screening of applicants. This shortens the selection process, contributing to a better candidate experience. It also gives HR staff more time to focus on strategies to attract and retain good staff.

Thoughtful approach

While AI can be useful, organisations need to be careful and understand the limits of this technology. AI is not always as accurate and reliable as hoped. Therefore, it is important that recruiters have a good understanding of the possibilities, but also the limitations surrounding the AI tools they use. 

To make the most of AI, organisations must also take a strategic approach. To do so, they need to examine their existing processes and judge which tasks are suitable for automation using AI. This will allow recruiters to spend more time connecting with candidates and building a talent pool. 

It is also vital to invest in training for employees so that they can work sensibly with AI. Professionals with knowledge of AI will be increasingly in demand in the labour market, which shows that AI skills are important in all sectors.


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