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Coaching teams effectively

The “Coaching” word is widely misused and few people know what coaching really is: coaching is all about performance and unleashing our own potential. Coaching helps by changing the perception you have of the reality so that you make better decisions and your actions are more complete and better suit your environment.

Coaching is not about tips and tricks, techniques, tools, emotions management (even if all that is useful). Coaching is a dialogue “Action and performance oriented”.

Executive coaching is:

  • Coaching is more than a complement to management. Coaching “extends management” practice, rules, insights and processes to better manage situations. Coaching doesn’t provide “tools” for the sake of having “tools”.
  • Coaching works best when combined with mentoring, training and consulting. Coaching alone doesn’t bring you far enough and that’s why some people have the impression that they didn’t learn anything new or useful. 
  • Coaching has to be “hardwired” and deeply “contextualised” in your business environment. We speak about the performances of your strategy, of your organisation, of your sales, operations, R&D, of your meetings… 
  • Coaching helps by changing the perception you have of the reality so that you make better decisions and your actions are more complete and better suit your environment.
  • Coaching is a complementary discipline, is not a technique to help weak management (those need training and mentoring first). It is used by the already very good to improve further their game. Good club tennis players don’t have a coach: ATP champions do. It’s the same with executive education: those going to the best executive programmes in the best business schools don’t go there because they are ”weak” but because they are high potential and because they want to speed up their performance and their career. Same for coaching.


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