Being one of the major players in interim management in Belgium for 20 years, our interim management financial services division focuses on placing highly qualified interim managers in banking, insurance, leasing, asset management, financial holdings and private equity.
Olivier van Outryve d'Ydewalle  - Principal Interim Management Division


Our services

The interim managers we work with are senior self-employed professionals with a strong background in financial services. The interim managers are assigned to positions within either a functional management role or in a project role, to undertake specific temporary assignments. 

Key assignments/projects

  • Urgent replacement of key management positions
  • Optimisation projects
  • Optimisation of processes and/or tools
  • Organisational improvements
  • Transformation projects
  • Change management
  • Crisis management
  • Restructuring projects           

Key positions

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Finance Director
  • Financial Controller
  • Accounting Manager
  • Regulatory Reporting Manager
  • Financial Project Manager
  • Back-Office Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Compliance Manager
  • Anti-Money Laundering Manager
  • Fraud detection Manager
  • HR Director
  • HR Project Manager
  • Strategic change and transformation Program/Project Manager

Some examples of recent interim management assignments within the financial services sector


  • Finance Director role for a transition period till the hiring of a permanent person. Objective of the assignment was to improve the structure and the functioning of the finance department, to improve the accounting processes, to strengthen financial control, and to bring compliance on higher standards. Duration of the assignment: 12 months.
  • Outsourcing Consultant to give operational support in developing a policy regarding outsourcing activities referring to the outsourcing revised guidelines of the European Banking Authority of 25/02/2019. Objective of the assignment was to organize and monitor the 'outsourcing committee', to set up and update an outsourcing register, to classify outsourcing contracts, and to define and update the bank’s outsourcing policy. Duration of the assignment: 4 months.
  • Compliance Manager to replace someone who left till the arrival of an internal person to take over the role. Objective of the assignment was to support the existing compliance team in various compliance tasks and to implement best practices. Duration of the assignment: 4 months.
  • AML Consultant to support the financial crime team in a period of intense activities. Objective of the assignment was to support the existing team and implement best practices. Duration of the assignment: 4 months.


  • Cost Optimization Project Manager: The objective of this project was to identify possible cost optimisations in the finance department sponsored by the CFO and CRO. Duration of the project: 3 months.
  • IT Transformation Project Manager: in the context of an acquisition, the interim manager had to analyse the existing IT landscape and integrate the IT team in the new group. Objective was to streamline processes, migrate systems to group standards and to set up one harmonized new IT team. Duration of the assignment: 16 months.
  • HR Manager: improve the quality of an existing HR team and professionalize the functioning of HR in terms of processes and procedures. Duration of the assignment: 12 months.
  • Financial Performance Manager: the objectives of this 5 months’ assignment were to:
    • Review existing financial reporting tools & processes and its interdependencies. Identification of areas for improvement and promotion of automated solutions.
    • Implement automated FP&A reporting tool, thereby drastically reducing the monthly workload and risk of manual errors, hence improving the quality of the reported data.
    • Lead the team to the next level of operational excellence by leveraging the use of available technologies.

Robert Walters Interim Management received the highest ranking from Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.