Why use an Interim Manager?

The many advantages of using Interim Managers include:

Interim Managers provide a flexible employment resource with no long-term commitment. They can be deployed by the day, ranging from a few weeks to over a year.

Speed of appointment
Interim Managers are immediately available. With a thorough briefing meeting between you and Robert Walters Interim Management, it seldom takes longer than a few days for available executives to be presented for client interviews. 

Quality of matching
Robert Walters Interim Management takes every care to present only those Interim Managers who meet the brief. We are committed to providing the best Interim Manager for the job. 

No learning curve - the ability to make virtually immediate impact on the defined tasks, to hit the ground running, to fill the vacuum of leadership, to be a self starter. All these are the qualities of the Interim Manager. 

High motivation
The need to deliver success within budget and cost constraints is paramount. Effort is focused on achievement, not on the many factors which might influence career executive-ambition, for example, power play or fear of dismissal. 

Cost efficiency
Interim Managers represent outstanding value for money. Most companies will instinctively know and feel that real value for money has been achieved at the end of the assignment and often much sooner.

Robert Walters Interim Management received the highest ranking from Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.