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On the radio today: how to get prepared for your appraisal interview

Hear from Aline Lewy on radio La Prem1ère how to successfully prepare yourself for your upcoming appraisal interview.

2023 Hiring trends in Belgium

No less than 85% of employers are seriously concerned about the shortage of talent. How will you ensure that talent joins your organization in 2023?

November 11: why women deserve to celebrate Women's Day twice a year

On National Women's Day, Özlem Simsek takes the opportunity to reflect on the current status of gender equality, diversity in the workplace and wage gaps in Belgium.

World mental health day: why resilience in the workplace is so important

World Mental Health Day is the ideal time to reflect on the importance of resilience and mental health in the Workplace. Ozlem Simsek shares her views
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Mid-year financial jobs index

What happened in the financial job market over the last six months? Christophe Pacquay shares his insights.

Engineering: half-yearly job index

With the first two quarters of the year behind us, early July is the perfect time to take a closer look at what’s happening on the engineering job market. Jülide Tunali explains some key figures from the last 6 months.

Half-year IT job index

As in almost every sector, the IT market will be even tighter in 2022. Melina Kayila takes a closer look at the key figures, detailing the most notable statistics in the IT job market from the past 6 months.

Leadership best practices: Navigating four years of change

Four years and a pandemic after the original interview, @RIXinsights reconnects with Özlem Simsek in honour of International Women's Day 2022, to learn how she has navigated four years of change and how she is planning to #BreaktheBias this year and beyond.

Financial management in motion

A growing number of investments and acquisitions have created a great need for new top financial managers. And that is a good thing, because these executives are also keen to take on a new professional challenge. Read more.