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Leadership best practices: Navigating four years of change

Four years and a pandemic after the original interview, @RIXinsights reconnects with Özlem Simsek in honour of International Women's Day 2022, to learn how she has navigated four years of change and how she is planning to #BreaktheBias this year and beyond.

Financial management in motion

A growing number of investments and acquisitions have created a great need for new top financial managers. And that is a good thing, because these executives are also keen to take on a new professional challenge. Read more.

#BreakTheBias - diversity & inclusion

This year's #BreakTheBias theme for International Women's Day is dedicated to creating a world free from prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.

IT job index

What has been the effect of today's enormous talent shortage on the IT sector and what can professionals and organizations do to help turn the tide? Melina Kayila sets out the facts.
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Half-year financial job index

What happened in the financial job market over the last six months? Christophe Pacquay shares his insights.

Half-year Engineering market update

What happened in the first half of 2021 on the Belgian engineering labour market? Read more here.

Diversity in the boardroom is essential for optimal business results

Internationalisation, sustainable business and the corona crisis will further increase the diversity in the boardroom. Özlem Simsek explains.

2021 Hiring trends in Belgium

What will the new world of working look like in 2021? And what will happen to salaries?

Summer 2020: what happened on the labour market for Controllers?

How did the demand for Controllers evolve last summer? And what was the impact of the Corona pandemic? Find out here.