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Learning to delegate: a must for new managers

Many ambitious professionals aspire to leadership roles. However, leading a team brings new challenges. You are given greater responsibility and, in the process, must learn to let go and delegate certain things. Christophe Paquay, senior manager at international recruitment firm Robert Walters, shares valuable tips for new managers who want to master the art of delegation.

Learn to let go

Have you recently been promoted to a managerial role within your team? The transition to a leadership position can be difficult, especially when it comes to delegating your old tasks to colleagues. Christophe: "In the beginning, you will feel the urge to keep doing as much as possible yourself, that's perfectly natural. However, letting go of certain responsibilities is crucial to effective management. The time you gain from this can be spent on your new responsibilities, which ultimately benefits the entire team."

Make an overview

Whether you're new to a team or have been promoted within your current team, it's essential to have a clear picture of each team member's duties and responsibilities. "Create a list or inventory that clearly states what tasks each member of the team is working on. Be sure to include your own set of tasks as well. With this overview, you can work out an efficient division of tasks. Schedule face-to-face meetings with your team members on a regular basis to hear what they are working on. Do not forget to take the occasional pulse on how they feel about the division of tasks in the team," Christophe adds.

Work out a plan for the future

After drawing up the division of tasks, working out a plan for the coming months is the next strategic step for new managers. Designate a person responsible for each task, taking into account your team members' strengths and weaknesses as much as possible," Christophe advises. " Does a certain task happen to lie outside a team member's comfort zone? Then don't immediately shift the responsibility to someone else, but encourage your team member in this challenge and make yourself available for help. This will boost the employee's motivation and create a positive working atmosphere."

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

Enthusiasm and ambition are good qualities, especially for managers. However, ambition should not spill over into perfectionism. "It's important to have a realistic attitude in your managerial role," says Christophe. "Demanding too much of yourself or your team members can lead to disappointment and frustration."

As a new manager, you need to understand that there may have been problems before you took on this role, and that dealing with challenges is a learning process for everyone.

Trust your team

Delegation is a necessary skill for managers. Christophe: "I encourage new managers to trust their team, to assign tasks while providing support and training. This leads not only to motivated team members, but also to personal success and satisfaction for the manager."


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