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The job and salary of a Controlling & Reporting Specialist

If you have knowledge of the banking and insurance world and like a position with a good work-life balance and in which you can work very autonomously, then the role of Controlling & Reporting Specialist might be for you.   

Juliette Lewin, recruitment consultant at international recruitment firm Robert Walters and specialising in banking & insurance profiles, explains what responsibilities come with this role, what career opportunities there are and what salary you can expect.  

What are the responsibilities of a Controlling & Reporting Specialist?   

Juliette: "Within financial services, the Controlling & Reporting Specialist is responsible for monitoring and interpreting the figures reports. The reports from the various departments within the company are consolidated and communicated to board members on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. In doing so, the Controlling and Reporting Specialist analyses the financial health of the organisation, formulates advice on budgeting and indicates where action is needed. Optimisation of financial processes is an ongoing focal point: streamlining, simplifying and improving reporting processes are also on this specialist's to-do list.  

Furthermore, the Controlling & Reporting Specialist assists external auditors to answer questions and substantiate figures during audits."   

What education and skills does a Controlling & Reporting Specialist need to have?   

"To become a Controlling & Reporting Specialist, a bachelor's or master's degree - ideally in a finance direction - is appropriate. But in reality, we often see that relevant experience in a financial controller role is more decisive than the specific field of study," says Juliette.  

If you would like to work in the banking & insurance sector, a thorough knowledge of the applicable legislation and IFRS standards is obviously a must. "As a Controlling and Reporting Specialist, you are handy with numbers, work extremely accurately and have strong analytical skills. Deadlines are an integral part of this job; stress resistance and strong time management skills are therefore a big plus," Juliette adds.  

Good communication skills are also a plus: you need to communicate reports in a clear way and convey your advice to the board members in a diplomatic manner.   

"If you would like to work in the Brussels region, trilingualism in Dutch, French and English is a big advantage. Combined with the right hard skills, this will make you a coveted white raven. In other regions within Belgium, bilingualism - one of the national languages combined with English - is often on the list of requirements."   

What is the current demand for Controlling & Reporting Specialist within the banking & insurance sector?

Juliette: "The number of vacancies for these types of roles is quite high in every sector, but specifically within the banking & insurance sector, the talent shortage is even more acute because of the specific knowledge required. Organisations are therefore often open to an internal move from accounting to controlling, but are equally eager to welcome new financial talent."   

What are the career opportunities as a Controlling & Reporting Specialist?   

"Advancing to the position of Finance Manager is definitely within the possibilities in this role. However, you can also choose to specialise within controlling and evolve into the role of Head of Controlling, for example. After a few years' experience in this role, you will develop such specialised knowledge that interesting career opportunities will present themselves anyway, both internally and externally."   

What salary can you count on as a Controlling & Reporting Specialist?  

With 5 to 9 years of experience, you can expect a gross annual salary between 60k euro and 110k euro. If you have 9 to 15 years of experience, your gross annual salary will be 85k euro - 125k euro. As a Controlling & Reporting Specialist within the banking & insurance sector with 15 years of experience or more, you can see your salary rise to 150k euro depending on your responsibilities.   

"Generally, you can also count on an annual bonus of 6 to 8% of your annual salary, and your gross salary is supplemented by numerous fringe benefits: cafeteria plan, leasing of an electric bicycle or a company car, eco vouchers, meal vouchers ...   

Specific to the banking and insurance world is of course that employers offer an excellent insurance package on top of the salary, but a high number of days of paid leave is also common in this sector. And here, too, flexible working hours and regular working from home have become the norm," Juliette concludes.


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