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59% aspire to move jobs in 2024

28 November 2023

As usual, international recruitment agency Robert Walters annually gauges professionals' views on the current job market and their expectations for the year ahead. As we approach the turn of the year, one notable good intention emerges: the plan to change jobs.

Plans for 2024

Robert Walters' survey shows that a significant proportion of surveyed professionals (59%) plan to change jobs in 2024. Interestingly, 44% of them are already planning to make this switch within the next 3 months. Moreover, 25% of these respondents say they are currently still employed, yet are actively looking forward to new career opportunities. A smaller group, 7%, see themselves changing within the next 3 to 6 months, while 9% plan to seek a new professional challenge in the next 9 to 12 months.

Motives revealed

People seek a change in their professional life for a variety of reasons. One in three respondents make the decision to change jobs to further develop their career. They hope to achieve this professional growth by switching employers, where new challenges and opportunities await them. Interestingly, almost a quarter (22%) of the participants indicate that they simply need change. This group actively seeks new opportunities to try something new, perhaps driven by a desire for variety and fresh perspectives.

In addition, the survey results point to the influence of leadership and company culture on the decision to change jobs. For 14% of respondents, lack of effective leadership is a motivating factor. Poor leadership practices can create a demotivating work environment, prompting employees to look elsewhere for a better working atmosphere. Moreover, 8% of participants cited company culture as a reason for changing workplaces. An unhealthy corporate culture can have a negative impact on employees' well-being and affect their professional satisfaction, resulting in the search for a new professional environment that better suits their values and needs. 

Reasons to stay put  

Of course, there are also reasons why professionals do not plan to say goodbye to their current employer. As many as 76% of respondents who do not plan to change jobs are satisfied in their current role. Almost half (44%) of them only joined their current employer within the past two years. This indicates a positive relationship with the organisation, in which employees have become engaged with the company culture and values, reinforcing their desire to stay.

Besides these intrinsic motivations, extrinsic factors also play a significant role in the decision to remain loyal to their employer in 2024. About 12% of respondents emphasise the importance of a clear career plan. For this group, the prospect of structured professional growth within the organisation is an incentive to retain their current position.

Moreover, 27% of professionals name attractive fringe benefits as a determining factor in their decision not to change jobs. A well-designed fringe benefits package, such as flexible working hours, health benefits and training opportunities, contributes to overall job happiness and increases the attractiveness of remaining loyal to the current employer.

Finally, 22% of respondents cited a competitive salary as a crucial consideration. A fair reward for their efforts and skills motivates these professionals to remain loyal.


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