Information Technology

Today’s business world is confronted with huge challenges regarding information technologies. A performant and efficient IT is key in order for companies to be successful and profitable. An increasing number of companies has to deal with digital transformation challenges, IT security issues, updating of IT systems, migration to more efficient platforms, cloud applications, etc.

Audrey Bostvironois - Manager Interim Management Division


Our services

In order to meet your needs, we provide you with a large network of professional IT interim managers across Belgium. Thanks to their rich professional background, each of our selected Interim Managers will be able to develop operational and management strategies tailored to your needs.


Key assignments/projects

  • Urgent replacement of key IT management positions
  • Improvement projects regarding IT infrastructure and applications
  • Set-up of a performing IT department in growing companies
  • Projects regarding digital transformation
  • Improvement of general IT processes
  • Projects regarding the migration from an existing IT platform to a new platform
  • Implementation of an ERP   

Key positions

  • Chief Information Officer
  • IT Director
  • IT Project Manager
  • Digital Transformation Manager

Robert Walters Interim Management received the highest ranking from Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.